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By choosing VIA Marketing as your marketing company, you'll work with our team of strategic thinkers, imaginative explorers, plan developers and idea crafters. By combining staff strengths, we promise you the best marketing practices and the best creative avenues.

A top Northwest Indiana advertising firm, you’ll benefit from our full service marketing communications capabilities, handling everything you need to promote your business across all communication channels, online and offline.

Marketing services include marketing research and plans, branding and logo design, graphic design, public relations, event planning, website design and development, Internet marketing, social media, search engine optimization and marketing, (SEO and SEM), advertising buying and production, and architectural signage. Our marketing plans strategically integrate these storytelling venues for maximum effectiveness.


our story
VIA Staff at Season's ribbon cutting

Before we begin to help you tell yours, we educate ourselves. We learn about you and your goals. We research your competition. We reflect upon your audience. We consider your budget. We think about the whole story. And then we take action.

VIA Staff at Jason Mraz concert & Clint Damore setting up photo shoot

Today’s consumers want to know your story before choosing your product or service. Sharing that compelling story requires integrating imaginative solutions and motivating marketing methods.


Julie Olthoff / president

Ryan Thiele / creative director

Liz Simmons / pr specialist

Libby Walker / seo specialist

Diane Chant / finance manager

Leslie Lopez / graphic designer

Ron VanGorp / web developer


Julie Olthoff / president

"…just as the car ran out of gas, we saw a group of _____ running out of the field…."

To tell a good story, you start with the truth, add a bit of imagination and mix it with a good dose of motivation. You’re assembling the answer to a good question by making it interesting and persuasive.

My persuasive storytelling abilities were honed at a young age as I spun a tale or two to avoid punishment. Answering questions like “Where have you been?” or “What happened?” started my defensive mind going. Of course to this day, I’m sticking to my story that “it was never my fault!

To tell a business’ story, it takes the same kind of spin, only on the offensive. We express what is positive in an authentic and interesting way using words and images as our tools."


Ryan Thiele / creative director

"Each project consumes me as I try to explore every viable creative solution. Once convinced of the best direction, ideas usually come quickly and naturally until the "nailed it" moment arrives.

Inevitably I will tweak my solution, trying to squeeze in every ounce of wow until deadline."


Liz Simmons / pr specialist

In high school, a friend and I published a few issues of our very own newspaper. The Evening Blab carried articles about our friends and teachers, advice to the lovelorn and advertisements for nonexistent products. After a few months we turned our creative minds elsewhere. That spark was reignited years later when, as a college student majoring in English, assignments included creative writing, technical writing and news writing.

Fast-forward to the present: as VIA's copywriter, it's gratifying to discover and tell a client’s story via website, billboard, press release or other means. To best tell a client’s story, I need to clear my mind of the noise that bombards me daily. Shutting my office door and ignoring emails and phone calls encourage me to focus on the task at hand.

Don't misunderstand; I enjoy the interaction with clients and with everyone in our office. We freely discuss our work, ask questions and make suggestions during every step of the creative process. This ultimately makes our final projects the best they can be.

Outside of the office, I have many ways of shutting out the noise. Biking through my neighborhood, attending an outdoor yoga class and mowing my yard are three ways I can be "in the moment." Another is reading. When I was young, my parents bought a set of encyclopedias. I opened "A" and was hooked forever. Although the short story is my favorite genre, I often pick up a reference book, open it to a random page and start reading. I know a little about hundreds of subjects and a lot about a few things.

Libby Walker / seo specialist

"For some people change can be scary, but I love a new challenge. I enjoy learning and creating new things. Keeping up with constantly changing SEO and social media rules keeps me on my toes.

I graduated in May 2013 from Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois and am originally from Andover, Kansas. Shortly after graduating from Olivet, I moved to Santa Barbra, Honduras for two months to intern at an orphanage. It was an experience that I’ll never forget.

Often, I’m the first of my friends and family to try something different—I love experiencing things that others have not yet done. I’m a people person; I love being able to talk to and interact with people. I love being creative! I am constantly making a craft, painting, or quilting something.

 I am nerdy when it comes to marketing; I enjoy analyzing websites, flyers, commercials and other media to learn why they work and how they can be improved. As the newest team member at Via Marketing, I’m excited about my journey and the opportunities to build and create new relationships."

Diane Chant / finance manager

Storytelling is literally in my blood. My grandfather had a story for every occasion. If he was awake, he was telling a story. I can remember thinking it was easy for him to carry on a conversation. My father inherited that skill from him. He can talk to anyone but he also listens to what they have to say. The stories he tells now are ones I never heard as a child. I think my father feels the need to pass his history along as he gets older. I’m grateful that he wants to, and can share his memories with us.

I, myself, could talk to a wall. I am that person strangers talk to when waiting in lines. My family laughs at me, wondering who my "friends" are. I have many stories in me. Sometimes I verbalize them; sometimes I use other creative outlets to express them. I take pictures and compile scrapbooks. I use fabric and yarns to create works of art. Most are done to commemorate an occasion or celebrate one of life’s milestones. In a way, I am preserving family history through many different mediums, hopefully keeping the stories alive for future generations.

Paying attention to details is important in telling family history or translating it into another form. It is equally important in the world of numbers and finance. Numbers can tell a story too. Being accurate and knowledgeable are necessary traits to have when dealing with client and agency financial information. I strive to do my best to tell the financial story for both the client and agency. It’s my responsibility and I take it seriously.


Leslie Lopez / web developer

"For my whole life, I've been able to enjoy two different cultures and languages. This has provided me with the ability to look at the world from different perspectives. I look to this part of me for inspiration every day. I cannot easily be placed into a "box", so I don't see how anything else can be."

Ron VanGorp / web developer

I’m a geek, I admit it! For almost two decades, I’ve been making things online. I originally started by picking websites apart and recreating them, learning how to build them piece by piece. I’m very passionate about producing websites and web applications. Creating, learning, turning something imaginary into something tangible - this is what I love to do.

I’ve been lucky enough to share my passion with like-minded and open-minded people. In the world of web development, this is something we all crave. By sharing ideas, we are able to teach, as well as learn. It may sound odd, but our creativity must be fed. Creative people have an ache, a yearning to feed our minds. I look forward with anticipation at what I can accomplish next.

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