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Diane Chant / finance manager

Storytelling is literally in my blood. My grandfather had a story for every occasion. If he was awake, he was telling a story. I can remember thinking it was easy for him to carry on a conversation. My father inherited that skill from him. He can talk to anyone but he also listens to what they have to say. The stories he tells now are ones I never heard as a child. I think my father feels the need to pass his history along as he gets older. I’m grateful that he wants to, and can share his memories with us.

I, myself, could talk to a wall. I am that person strangers talk to when waiting in lines. My family laughs at me, wondering who my "friends" are. I have many stories in me. Sometimes I verbalize them; sometimes I use other creative outlets to express them. I take pictures and compile scrapbooks. I use fabric and yarns to create works of art. Most are done to commemorate an occasion or celebrate one of life’s milestones. In a way, I am preserving family history through many different mediums, hopefully keeping the stories alive for future generations.

Paying attention to details is important in telling family history or translating it into another form. It is equally important in the world of numbers and finance. Numbers can tell a story too. Being accurate and knowledgeable are necessary traits to have when dealing with client and agency financial information. I strive to do my best to tell the financial story for both the client and agency. It’s my responsibility and I take it seriously.